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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Eylure x Fleur De Force Brow Define Pencil Review...

I would never have thought when I was furiously plucking my eyebrows to within an inch of their life as a 14 year old, that there would come a day when I actually wanted them back. But alas, here I am, almost 18 years later pining for the full bushy brows I once I had before I took my tweezers to them. 

Over the years I've hated how sparse my brows were that I've pretty much tried everything product out there to make them grow back (they didn't) and eventually decided to get them tattooed (you can read more about that here.) Even though I now have 'I woke up like this brows' thanks to the team at Tracie Giles, I still like to give them a bit of extra love, particularly when I'm going out and have gone heavier on my eye makeup. Plus I'm overdue a trip to the salon to get them topped up so at the moment they certainly need some extra TLC. For this reason, my makeup bag is bursting with powders, pomades and pencils to beef my brows out, and having already tried the Eylure X Fleur brow palette and brow tamer gels, I was excited to try the latest product in the range, the Brow Define* pencils. 

In case you don't know, Fleur de Force is a British beauty blogger and Vlogger who has over 1 million subscribers on Youtube. She first collaborated with Eylure a few years ago to create a range of strip lashes, and earlier this year the range spilled into one of the biggest current beauty trends- brows! 

The pencils come in 3 colours- light, medium and dark, and although I was lucky enough to get my hands on all 3, I would usually opt for a medium. My hair is naturally fairly dark, but I have it ombre'd and I have a fair complexion, so medium is always the best bet for me. 

The pencils are double ended, with both being extra thin which allows you to create really fine ‘hair’ strokes through the brow. Each of the 3 colours has a darker end and a lighter end, which allows you to create an ombre effect, especially if you are using a couple of the colours together. This may sound scary, but actually, I find it gives much more of a natural look- I tend to use the lighter end to mimic those feathery hairs at the inner part of the brow, as well as to stop the tail looking too harsh or 'drawn on.' I then use the darker end sparingly throughout the main body of the brow to bulk them out, especially in the areas that are most sparse.

The consistency of the pencils is really creamy, without being too soft, and they are enriched with coconut oil to condition- this also means they don't 'drag' like many other brow pencils I've tried. I start by running it over the back of my hand which warms it slightly, then gently draw on brush strokes, making sure I apply in the same direction as my natural hairs. Once I’ve finished, I brush through with a spoolie to remove any excess product, then set in place with a brow gel. Fleur by Eylure’s Brow tamer is great as like these pencils it is double ended, with one end containing a clear gel which is perfect for every day, and the other containing a tinted gel if you want to add a bit more definition and colour.

These are mechanical 'twist up pencils'- the upside to this being that you don't need to sharpen them, and the downside being that there is probably less product than you would get with a traditional pencil. Saying that, the fact that they are double ended means that you do get a fair amount of product in each one, plus, thanks to their creamy, pigmented texture, I find I don't actually use that much product each time.

Eylure X Fleur de Force Brow Define pencils retail for £12 so although they are slightly more expensive than the high street brands, the quality and application does feel slightly more premium so I think the price point is justified. You can shop the Eylure X Fleur brow products in Boots stores nationwide, as well as on Eylure's website and Feel Unique.

What are your favourite brow products?

*This post features gifted products, but all views are my own.


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