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Friday, 27 October 2017

Get fuller lips without the Needles | PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System Review

Celebrities have a lot to answer to when it comes to beauty trends. First of all Cara Delevingne persuaded us to grow out our brows, then Kylie Jenner made the world go crazy for a plumped up pout. Five years ago, I didn't know anyone that had lip fillers, now it seems to be the absolute norm and pretty much every other person has gone under the needle in the quest for bigger lips.

My lips have never particularly bothered me before, and for that reason (and because of the needles of course), lip fillers are not something that I've ever considered. Like most girls though, if someone asked if I would like my lips to be fuller without the needles and pain, well, I'd definitely say yes! The PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System* attracted me because it claims to do just that- enhance your pout in a matter of minutes without any pain or discomfort.

Dubbed 'The Next Generation of Lip Plumping,' the Kiss system provide results in minutes, with lips looking fuller, and lines and wrinkles being minimised. Plus used over time, collagen production is boosted and natural lip colour is restored and revitalized. As well as the system and the serum, the box also contains 2 different sized attachments and a USB re charging cable, so you have everything you need to plump that pout!

To use, simply apply the lip serum all over the lips, then choose which size attachment you want and press the button! The serum has a minty scent which makes your lips slightly tingly, so even before you've switched the lip plumper on you already feel like the serum is doing something. There are 2 speeds- the standard speed for a quick plump, and the slower speed which gives a more intense, targeted plump. It uses a 'patent pending' vacuum, and the best way to describe the sensation of this is that it feels like it is sucking your lips in tiny pulsating motions- it is slightly unnatural and odd to begin with, but after a few goes you do get used to it. For best results, treat the lip in 6 sections- the middle then each side on both top and bottom- and allow it to pulse around 15-20 times on each section. 

The first thing I notice straight after use is just how pink my lips are. I have naturally dark lips anyway, but I guess all of the blood is pumped to the surface so they appear even darker. In terms of fullness? They definitely look more plumped, particularly my top lip which is probably a bit on the thin side if we are being completely honest. They also feel bigger, so psychologically I think this makes you pout more (or is that just me?!) 

When I'm rushing out the door to work in the morning I don't really have time to faff around plumping my lips up, so I've mainly just been using this in the evening when I'm going out. I tend to suffer with dry lips throughout the winter, so I find that if I exfoliate them first (I love Grounded's Edible Lip Scrub for this) before applying the serum, I get even better results. 

It's recommended that you use the PMD Kiss System for 4-6 weeks to see the longer lasting results, and after using it for slightly longer, I have noticed some changes. Using the serum and system together apparently boosts collagen production in the lips, and I would definitely say that after using them for this amount of time they feel softer, and there aren't as many fine lines. For me, the biggest appeal isn't so much the fact that the system makes my lips appear fuller, but more the anti aging aspect. Over time lips loose volume and colour, and being a woman in my thirties I'm determined to do anything I can down to slow down the aging process! 

The PMD Lip Plumping System retails for £125, but I got mine with my 60 monthly Love Me Beauty credits. Sign up to the beauty subscription and cherry pick the products you want to receive from each month from their online boutique. Plus, you can get 20% off your first order by entering the discount code 'bethe20' at the checkout.

What lip plumping methods have you tried, would you ever get fillers?

* This post contains gifted product, but all views are my own.


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