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Sunday, 3 September 2017

August's Love Me Beauty Order...

I have to admit that my life has been pretty mundane recently, and not at all Instagram worthy. Having bought a flat a couple of months ago which needed to be completely re decorated and furnished, I have been spending most of my spare time outside of work either painting, pinning like crazy on Pinterest, or trying to squeeze in the occasional blog post. Yep, gone are the holidays, crazy nights out and brunchin,’ and instead I’ve been spending every last penny on my new little home. Priorities, eh? Saying that, I’m a firm believer that you’ve got to treat yourself now and then, and the arrival of my Love Me Beauty* order definitely cheered me up and added a little excitement to my otherwise very boring month.

It’s the fourth month running that I’ve received a Love Me Beauty order, and having previously mainly received Skincare, all products bar one in this month’s order were makeup, so I would say it’s the best one yet. As always, it came in a cute canvas bag, and the products I’d selected were from Kat Von D and Buxom-2 brands that I haven’t used before. The great thing about Love Me Beauty is that you can cherry pick the products you want to receive each month from their online boutique, using a credit based system- a £10 rolling subscription gives you 60 credits which are redeemable against all products, and this can be topped up at any time. Plus the brands and products regularly change, so there are always new options to choose from. 

For a mini product, this packaging is amazing, and completely mimics the full sized version (RRP £17)- how cute is the studded case? I have Cathedral which is a deep, dusky rose, but there are a few other colours to pick from on the Love Me Beauty boutique. It contains something called ‘colour cushion technology’ which not only leaves the lips feeling velvety soft, but also helps to lock in colour. I would usually choose a matte finish for a lipstick which sometimes does dry my lips out, but this has a lovely creamy texture and feels really moisturising. Being mini, it's perfect for nights out (who else always takes the smallest bag with them?) and will also take up way less space in your holiday or weekend away makeup bag. 

I swear by translucent loose powder to set my makeup, and usually use Laura Mercier’s, so was excited to see how this compared. In the pot it looks slightly yellow toned, and being fair skinned I was concerned that it may make my complexion a little bit sallow, but it doesn’t at all. For best results, I tip a small amount into the lid, dip a fluffy powder brush into it, then apply to my face gently. I used to always use a large powder brush with translucent powder, but I find that I get much better results with a smaller brush, as well as being able to work the product into the areas that usually get missed with a big brush, such as around the nose and under the eyes. The powder itself is really finely spun and sinks into the skin really easily, leaving a velvety and soft focus finish, and it does a really good job of setting my foundation and concealer. I’ve been mainly using this for ‘t zone top ups’ throughout the day as it takes up much less space in my makeup bag that my usual one, but I would definitely consider buying the full sized pot once my Laura Mercier runs out- this retails at £22 for 19g.

I didn’t know that Kat Von D did fragrance as well as makeup, but I chose this ‘Sinner’ Eau De Parfum from the boutique which was a total steal at only 10 credits- remember you get 60 for £10 and these can be topped up at any time. Sinner has musky undertones with a sweet edge and notes of cinnamon and vanilla, and being an eau de parfum, it lingers all day. I love the fact that it is a miniature spray bottle (rather than one of those awful bottles that you have to tip the fragrance out of) which makes it so handy to keep in the bottom of your handbag. If you’re not a fan of dusky strong fragrances, also available is ‘Saint’ which is apparently more of a floral, romantic scent. A 50ml bottle retails for £52, but you can also get a purse friendly 10ml spray for £18. 

Buxom Lash Mascara- 15 Credits
I've never had a favourite mascara and have dabbled in quite a few different ones over the years, so I guess you could say I'm not fussy when it comes to perking up my lashes, and in fact, I often prefer the results of cheaper brands. For me, the key to a good mascara is the brush, and this has an hourglass rubber one with tiny bristles that help to grab every lash. The formula is vitamin enriched, and it's apparently the best selling volumising mascara in the U.S. After use, my lashes are seperated, evenly coated and have a lovely curl and lift to them and I think I will definitely buy this again- Buxom lash mascara retails at £16 for a full sized tube.

I would usually pick a lipstick over a gloss as I don’t like the stickiness that you get with most, however I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this product is actually very sheer, and not at all sticky. In the tube it has glitter particles which initially put me off, but on the lips these aren’t very noticeable, and actually give a 3- dimensional finish with a slight sheen rather than an overly glossy finish. My lips are naturally fairly dark, so this just gives me a bit of a ‘my lips but better finish’ rather than adding much colour, so this is the perfect choice for everyday when I don't want to wear lipstick. It also has a slight tingling sensation that plumps the lips slightly for a fuller pout. A full sized tube would cost around £15, but for 15 credits on LMB you get the 1.5ml tube in a choice of colours. 

Have you tried Love Me Beauty before? If not, you can get 20% off your first order by entering code ‘bethe20’ at the checkout. Let me know what you pick!

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* This post contains gifted products, but all views are my own.


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  1. Kat Von D is one of my favourite brands so it's super cool that you tried them out. Thanks for sharing :)



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