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Friday, 4 August 2017

Sneak Peek | The Spectrum X Mean Girls Collection...

 Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the party for Spectrum Collection’s latest launch, Spectrum x Mean girls, which will be available to buy  at the end of August. Yep, the unicorn friendly brand has teamed up with paramount pictures to create a range of brushes and brush bags inspired by the film. In true Mean girls style, the venue- Icetank in London- was decorated with all things pink, and even Regina George would have approved of the gorgeous sweet treats, foaming cocktails, photo booth, a burn book inspired graffiti wall and of course the main event- the beautiful brushes.

Like all of Spectrum’s brushes, they're vegan and 100% cruelty free, as well as being 100% Instagrammable!!

First of all, can we just take note of how girly and eye catching they are? Obviously a mean girls collection was always going to be pink, but to give the brushes depth the handles have a dash of deep purple on the ends which gives them a gorgeous ombre finish, and the baby soft bristles are light pink topped with white. The brushes will be available to buy in sets only, as below.

* 10 piece set of brushes with an official Spectrum x mean girls pouch bag with 'burn book' keyring (as shown in the pictures above)- £49.99

* 10 piece set of brushes with a mini burn book bag- £79.99

* Full size burn book bag (this does not come with any brushes but can hold up to 40)- £49.99

* Also available will be 2 acrylic brush pots- which will retail for £14.99 and £24.99

Another quirky twist for the latest brushes is that each of the handles have a different Mean Girls Quote on them. All 10 of the brushes in the set are listed below, along with their quote. How fetch??

('A' brushes are designed for application, 'B' for buffing and blending and 'C' for contour.)

C01- Large fan highlighter brush
'On Wednesdays we wear pink'

A01- Domed powder brush
'You can walk home bitches'

B01- Foundation buffing brush
'She doesn't even go here'

A05- Angled blusher brush

'You're like really pretty'

A21- Tapered finishing brush
'You can't sit with us' 

A10- Fan highlighter brush 

A07- Stubby eyeshadow blending brush
'That's so fetch'

B06- Soft blending brush

'You go Glen Coco'

A16- Precision crease brush

'Boo you whore'

 A17 - Angled brow brush

'She's a life ruiner'

The Spectrum x Mean Girls range launches on the 30th August, and will be available exclusively on their website


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  1. Love the little charm on the bag!

    Leah x


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