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Monday, 10 July 2017

June's 'Love Me Beauty' Review

Another month, another beauty subscription has landed on my doormat.  I recently reviewed May's Love Me Beauty order (read the post here) and a little later than anticipated, today I'll be telling you what I received in June's delivery. If you haven't read my last post or aren't familiar with Love Me Beauty*, all you need to know if that the brand works on a credit system (£10 a month gives you 60 credits which can be redeemed against all products and topped up at any time) and stock is constantly updated and includes a mix of well established and very new brands. Plus sign up for 3 or 6 months and get your box even cheaper. Keep reading as I'll also be giving you a unique discount code which gets you 20% off your first order (new customers only.)

So what did I get this month? Like last month, my order arrived in a cute little canvas makeup bag with eyelash and heart motifs all over it as well as Love Me Beauty across the front, and was literally bursting with goodies...

Caudalie Nourishing Body Lotion (15 Credits)
Having never tried French brand Caudalie before, I was excited to receive 4 products from the brand to try, and the first of these was the 50ml tube of body lotion. Size wise, this is fairly large compared to a lot of the LMB products which tend to be trial size, around 10-15ml, and although I love having lots of minis to take on holiday with me, it was nice to receive a slightly bigger product that would last me longer. The scent of the lotion is slightly masculine which surprisingly I really like, and as with all of Caudalie's products it's free from parabens. The antioxidant rich cream sinks into the skin with ease, and leaves no residue or stickiness. My skin immediately feels super hydrated and soft after use, and stays that way all day. A 250ml bottle retails for £20, so this little tube is worth £4 alone.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum (15 Credits)
I always love trying new skincare, and am particularly a fan of serums and masks that will improve the appearance and texture of my skin, so was intrigued by this little tube, particularly because I've heard it's one of the brand's cult products. Containing active ingredient 'viniferine,' a patented product, it not only boosts skin radiance, but also evens skin tone and helps to prevent and reduce age spots. It has a similar fragrance to the body lotion, and the same fast absorbing cream texture which was not what I was expecting from a serum, however I after using it for the past month, I find it is a lot more compatible with my makeup than other serums I've used. It's difficult to say at this stage whether it's evened my skin tone, but it definitely feels and looks a lot more radiant after I've used it. Although the same feels small in comparison to the body lotion, it is a third of the size of a full sized tube which retails for £45, meaning this 10ml tube is worth a whopping £15, more than the monthly subscription. 

Caudalie Vinoperfect Brightening Essence (15 Credits)
My first thoughts when I saw this product was that I didn't know what role a brightening essence would play in my skincare routine, but it sounded pretty dreamy! Apparently it's inspired by the Korean skincare routine, and I've been using it after cleansing and before applying serum and moisturiser. It contains glycolic acid, an ingredient I am a big fan of thanks to its collagen boosting properties, white peony extracts which give it a deep floral fragrance as well as the brand's signature grape extract. Like the radiance serum, the brightening essence also helps to even complexion and reduce and prevent age spots, and it also moisturises and soothes, leaving the skin soft to the touch. You'd pay £30 for a full sized 150ml bottle, so this 50ml one is worth £10. 

Caudalie Divine Oil (15 Credits)
Another Caudalie product with a dreamy name, this time a multi use 4- in- 1 dry oil, designed to be used on the body, face, hair, or in the bath as an oil. Containing a blend of oils which have a floral yet musky fragrance, my favourite use for it is as a perfume substitute throughout the summer- it leaves a gorgeous scent on the skin which would be great for holidays, as it also deeply moisturises at the same time. A 50ml bottle retails for £18, and I imagine this 15ml bottle will last for absolutely ages as you need a tiny amount at a time.

Laura Mercier Lip Glace in 'Pink Pop' (20 Credits)
I usually opt for a matte lip colour and tend to go for nudes rather than pinks, so this lip glace by Laura Mercier was a little out of my comfort zone. Saying that, having never tried any of the brand's lip products before I was really interested to see if it lived up to my expectations, especially because I love so many of her other products. It smells absolutely divine, like a sweet vanilla scented candle, and the texture is fairly light and glides on the lips easily- thankfully there is no stickiness as I can't stand that in a gloss. The colour looks sugar pink in the tube, but goes on as a sheer wash so adds just a hint of pink to the lips, along with a slight gloss finish. The tiny tube is pocket sized, and with it's sponge applicator it's one of those 'no mirror needed' products so perfect for on the go touch ups. A full sized tube retails for around £19.50, and is available in over 18 shades. 

Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizing Tint (25 Credits)
When I pulled this out of the bag, I almost thought it was a full sized product as it's 30ml- the biggest of all the products I received and was really weighty as it's in a glass jar. Described as 'half a tinted moisturiser', it looks like a normal moisturiser in the jar, however contains small particles that 'burst' when massaged into the skin, giving partial coverage and a hint of colour. Unfortunately, the colour is slightly too dark for my fair skin tone, therefore this is a product I'll be saving for my holiday when I have a bit more colour to my face, especially as it also contains SPF30. It has a gorgeous rose scent to it, and I was shocked to discover that the full sized jar which is double the size of this one, retails for £59!

Yu- Be Moisturising Body Lotion & Skin Cream (10 Credits)
Yu- Be's a brand I've not used before, or even heard of, and although the packaging and branding doesn't look particularly special, the skin cream is Japan's number 1, which shows it's not all about flashy packaging when it comes to a good product. They're both glycerin based and vitamin enriched, and designed to work really well on dry skin, especially elbows, heels and rough patches. I have to say I was a little bit taken back by the pungent fragrance which smells almost medicinal and the slightly green tinge, however I concluded that this must be thanks to the active ingredients and thought it must mean it would see real results. The 2 tubes and sachet are tiny and I've only been able to get a couple of uses out of them, meaning that I haven't really been able to use them for long enough to see any benefits, however I'm not sure if I would buy them as I really don't like the fragrance. 

As mentioned earlier, if you're a new customer, you can get 20% off your first Love Me Beauty order by entering my unique discount code 'bethe20' at the checkout. You're welcome!

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* This post contains gifted products, but all views are my own.


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