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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Elegant Touch | 3 Minute Express Nails & Holiday Collection Review

If you're anything like me, you won't feel completely 'finished' without your nails being done. Even if my hair is freshly coloured, cut & styled, I've spent ages on my makeup and I'm wearing a new outfit- if my talons are chipped (or worse, bare) I just don't feel nice. Now I'm fully aware that there are much worse things in life, however for most of us girls, having our nails done make us feel professional, womanly and is little treat we look forward to once a fortnight. 

As much as you can't beat getting your nails done in a salon, it does, of course come with a price tag, and having just bought my first home, it's one that I just can't justify right now. Needless to say, when a parcel from Elegant Touch* landed on my doorstep, I was over the moon. Inside was some of their Express 3 Minute Manicure nails along with their newest launch, the Holiday Collection.

So, can these falsies save my nails & transform them in minutes as claimed...?

First up, the Express 3 Minute Manicure nails which retail for £7.99 to £8.99, depending on the design. Available in a number of high shine polish colours, as well as some quirky and fun nail art finishes as well as classic french manicure, these really appealed to me from a speed perspective. Yep, if the brand is right, the nails can be prepped, and the nails applied in just 3 minutes, which is quicker than even applying polish. So how do they work? Each pack contains 24 nails containing 10 different sizes of nail, as well as a nail file and a nail prep wipe. Simply choose which sizes you want to apply, then file and buff the nails as desired, use the nail wipe, and you're ready to apply your nails. Each is pre glued and has a protective film on the back of it which needs to be peeled off prior to use- once on the nail, simply press firmly into place and viola, your nail is on.

The whole process certainly is speedy, and I would say that preparation defiantly is key with these. Make sure you are sitting at a table, or another equally flat surface (dabbling with these on a bed or sofa is asking for trouble!) and make sure you have sized them all up prior to applying them. I'm not used to long nails, so at first they felt slightly alien to me, but I was most worried about them not feeling fully secure or pinging off at inappropriate times, but 1 week later and they were still going strong. 

The removal process is easy as well, you just need to gently peel them from the side of the cuticle until they come loose. I found that running them under a tap whilst doing this seemed to help, and once they had all been removed I applied coconut oil all over my nails which helped to moisturise and nourish them.

3 Minute Express Manicure Nails: Trend design (centre) and polish finish

Next up, the Holiday collection, featuring the iridescent pink Bora Bora, the metallic rose gold Havana, the tribal print Ibiza and the glossy ice white Ipanema. All retail for £7.50, and unlike the 3 minute nails, come with separate glue which is to be applied directly to your own nail once it has been prepped with the nail file included in each pack. Again, I would say a flat surface is a must, and as these more 'on trend' shapes (stiletto, etc) compared to the 3 minute nails which are all classic rounded, I did find them a little bit more fiddly to apply. Saying that, as you are applying the glue directly to the nail, I felt that not only did I have more control than with the express nails, but I also felt more reassured that they would stay in place for longer- if they started to come lose at all I knew I could apply a bit more glue to keep them in place. Saying that, you could do the same with the express nails, but that would involve already having, or buying a nail glue, and I guess the whole point of them is that everything you need is in the box, so you don't want to be having to buy additional things. 

 Removal wise, you have 2 options with the holiday nails- you can wait for them to naturally come away from the nails (although you're guaranteed that these won't all come off at the same time and you'll be left with half on, half off kinda' situation) or you need to purchase one of Elegant Touch's removal products such as the 'Soak 'Em Off' removal sachets which retail at £8.95 for 100 wipes. This does add to the cost, but for the wipes and one pack of holiday nails it still comes to much less than a professional job (London prices, anyway) plus there's enough nails in each for at least 2 applications and the wipes will last for absolutely ages.

L-R: Bora Bora Holiday, Havana Holiday, Ipanema Holiday, Ibiza Holiday

The verdict? I really enjoyed trying these out, and loved how quickly I could go from drab boring nails to fun colours and finishes, however I will definitely be keeping these for nights out/ holidays/ special occasions rather than every day wear. For a false nail virgin like myself (I usually go for gel on top of my naturally short nails), the length did take a little bit of getting used to, but they definitely added some much needed glamour in an instant which I loved. 

Have you tried any of these nails? What are your favourites?

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* This post contains gifted products, but all views are my own.


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