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Friday, 14 July 2017

Battle of the Blenders- The Beauty Blender Vs The Silicone Sponge

The Beauty Blender has been one of the most (if not THE most) popular cosmetic sponges on the market for the past few years, and although there are so many dupes out there, none have managed to steal its crown. Sure, at £16 a go they are pricey, and before I had tried one I didn’t think I could justify that amount of money on a sponge (especially as it’s recommended you replace it every 3 months), but since the first use I’ve been hooked, and haven’t looked back. Yep, these tiny sponges have transformed the way I apply my makeup, and have given me the most flawless finish I've ever had. 

Earlier this year The Silicone Blender burst onto the scene, claiming to offer better application than the beauty blender as well as using less product, and Brushworks* kindly sent me 2 of their miracle silicone sponges to try. So do these live up to the hype, and can they sway me away from my favourite sponge applicator?

At first glance, The Beauty Blender looks like any other cosmetic sponge, which mainly is why I was firstly quite dubious about spending so much money on it. In the hand, however, it is so lightweight and doesn’t feel dense like most of the other sponges on the market, so I instantly knew it would be different. I use The Original Beauty Blender which is their classic size, but the brand also offers other sizes for different areas of the face, and all are teardrop shaped. The finest end of the sponge is designed to be used under the eyes and around the nose, and the bottom and side of the blender is perfect for foundation application, as well as any other cream face products such as blusher. In comparison, The Silicone Sponge  is fairly flat and as the name suggests, literally looks like a piece of plastic. The classic shape is the teardrop, which like the beauty blender has a smaller end for those hard to reach areas, but I also have the oval which is perfect for cheeks and foreheads. 

The Beauty Blender retails for £16, and Brushworks silicone sponges start at £7.99.

The Beauty Blender is best used when wet, so I run it under the tap, which makes it swell in size, then squeeze out any excess water before each use. Once damp, I put a small amount of my foundation onto the back of my hand, then run the blender through it, and apply directly to my face in dabbing motions. Even when the sponge is wet it still feels very lightweight, and literally bounces off the face making blending so easy, which is also helped by the slight water reside in the sponge. I tend to only wear one layer of foundation, and can usually apply to the whole of my face within seconds, and only really have to go over any areas if I have any blemishes. With The Silicone Sponge, I apply foundation directly onto it and then work it into my face in slight patting motions, starting in the centre of my face and blending outwards. For the best results, I would recommend using your foundation sparingly and applying a little at a time, as I find  the blender ‘drags’ slightly if it has too much product on it.

I always make sure I clean both blenders straight after use to remove any excess product, and with The Beauty Blender this involves running it under a warm tap, lathering it up with a few drop of The Beauty Blender Cleanser (or baby shampoo), rinsing through and then leaving to air dry. You will know when it’s dry as it shrinks back into its original size, and I usually find this takes around 12 hours. If I want to use it in the meantime, however, it’s not a problem as I’ll just run it under the tap again to make it swell, then repeat the cleaning process again. In the past I’ve made the mistake of not cleansing the sponge after every use, and I’ve found that when product has built up (especially my favourite foundation Estee Lauder’s Double Wear) it’s a nightmare to remove. Cleaning The Silicone Sponge is a much easier process- if I’m on the go or in a rush I’ll just give it a quick clean with a baby wipe, otherwise I’ll run under a warm tap and use baby shampoo to remove any residue of product. Saying this, due to the nature of the silicone, most of the product applied to it is blended into the face, which is why it is best to use a little at a time to avoid wasting product.

The Beauty Blender comes in a cylinder shaped holder with a lid which it fits perfectly into when dry. Once I’ve used and cleaned it, I rest it on the top of the cylinder with the lid off (when it’s wet it rests perfectly on the top), and then it drops into the container when it has dried. The lid makes it easy to transport, and the container stops it getting product onto it when in a makeup bag, as well as protecting it from damage (it’s always the tweezers!) The Silicone Sponge has a plastic holder which covers it completely, and being flat, it is much less cumbersome in your makeup bag than The Beauty Blender. In fact it’s so compact that it could fit into your pocket!

Going on price and longevity, The Silicone Sponge wins hands down. It’s initially a cheaper option than The Beauty Blender, plus the fact that it can be cleaned very easily and re used time and time again is a real benefit- I mentioned it before but it’s recommended that The Beauty Blender is replaced every 3 months (that’s a cost of £64 a year if you do!) Add to this the fact that no product is absorbed into it like the beauty blender, and therefore less product is used, you are also saving money there as well. For application and finish, however, The Beauty Blender wins for me. The bounciness of the sponge makes it so easy to use and blend, and as much as I get great coverage with the silicone blender, I don’t feel that the overall finish is as flawless. I think The Beauty Blender will continue to be my applicator of choice for everyday wear and I will use The Silicone Sponge for contouring and applying other cream products- it can be held flat against the face, which you cannot do with The Beauty Blender, so I’ve found it’s a great match for cream contour. To do this I apply product under the cheekbones, down each side of my nose and around my hair and jaw line, then gently blend, using the smallest end of the teardrop blender.

What's your favourite- The Beauty Blender or The Silicone Sponge?

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*This post contains some gifted product, but all views are my own. 



  1. I use the violet voss silicone sponge, they're so much better than beauty blenders in my eyes, so much easier to clean and uses less product!

    Leah x

  2. I love the Real Techniques makeup sponge, it applies my makeup beautifully but obviously people have different opinions:) Loved this post!

    Emily xo


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