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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Beauty | Products I Will Be Re Buying

As a beauty lover, I get through a LOT of products. Whether it's new makeup, skincare, fake tan or beauty accessories, I seem to always be trying something new, and needless to say my bathroom cupboards are bursting. 

I do occasionally come across the odd product that doesn't make the cut or live up to my expectations or its own hype, but the beauty market is booming at the moment, and there are so many amazing brands out there offering game changing products that it's rare I come across a really bad one. On the flip side of this, as much as I seem to like the vast majority of the products I review, I don't always buy them again. With that in mind, today's post is all about the products I have recently run out of and will be re buying, and the reasons why- to me, this gives them a really big stamp of approval as it proves I've loved them enough to use them up completely, and re buy, rather than move onto the next 'must have.'

Monday, 1 May 2017

April's Beauty Favourites

It's been a while since I've posted a 'monthly favourites' round up. I've been pretty boring when it comes to my product choices and there hasn't been anything that I've loved enough to write about up until now, but thankfully there are a few new additions to my beauty routine which have made the cut, and I'm excited to share them with you all. 

My favourites for April are a mix of products I've bought myself and gifted products, but as always I only ever feature gifted products in a favourites post if I absolutely love them. The rule for me is if I like them enough to re buy them, they make the cut! I've got some skincare, haircare, makeup, and even a new teeth whitening product (and discount code) to talk about today, all of which I've been using and loving over the past few months.
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