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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Wash & Dry Your Makeup Brushes In Seconds With StylPro

Cleaning and drying my makeup brushes has to be one of my least favourite things to do. Not only do I find the cleaning part such a long chore, but being an impatient person, I also hate waiting for them to dry. I heard about the StylPro makeup brush cleaner on social media, and didn't quite believe that it would not only wash but also DRY my brushes in seconds...So, does it actually work or is it too good to be true?!

First thing's first, why is cleaning your makeup brushes so important? Not regularly cleansing them not only impairs the look and performance of your brush, but dirty brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria which can result in skin breakouts and infections. There are many tools out there that aid the cleaning process, but when it comes to drying brushes, it's often a case of leaving them to air dry which can leave them unusable for hours, plus you need to ensure that they are laying flat, and in a suitable temperature (not too hot, not too cold) for best results, which can be inconvenient as well.

The product was developed by The Apprentice's Tom Pellereau, who noticed a gap in the market for a fast and efficient makeup brush cleaner, and after much research and many trials, StylPro was born. Some of the market research Tom carried out showed that a whopping 44% of women have NEVER washed their makeup brushes, and 60% hadn't washed their brushes in at least four weeks. 

Let's talk about the scientific bit. StylPro uses something called a centrifugal spin technology, which basically means that it spins at high speed on a fixed axis- this not only allows the brushes to be thoroughly cleaned, but the high speed and spinning action means that can be dry in a matter of seconds as well. 

The box contains the following:
StylPro bowl (with silicone seal & splash guard)
StylPro device (batteries included)
8 Collars to fit varying brush handle sizes
Collar Stand for when the device isn't in use (this fits handily in the bowl)

Before use simply fill the bowl with warm water and the cleanser of your choice (I use baby shampoo, but StylPro also offer a cleanser- buy it here), then attach the spindle to the StylPro device and choose which of the collars fits your brush handle best. Once your brush is safely and securely in its collar, attach to the StylPro device, and you're ready to go! Move the brush up and down in the water for 10 seconds, then turn the device on so it spins in the water for another 10 seconds, and finish by lift out of the water, and spinning for a further 5 to 10 seconds to dry. It really is that simple.

I literally couldn't believe it the first time I used it, I was shocked at how my brush had gone from dirty, to dry and clean in less than a minute. There is no hidden catch, the centrifugal spin technology means that when you lift the brush out of the water to dry it, the bristles completely lift (images below) so you can't really tell whether it is wet or dry until you switch it off, and its this high speed that allows them to dry so quickly. 


As much as this is an amazing tool, there are a few things to note, to ensure you get optimum results. If you are cleaning lots of brushes at the same time, it is advisable to change regularly between brushes to ensure that they are all getting thoroughly cleansed. Also, I have found that a couple of my foundation brushes often need a little pre-clean before going into the StylPro bowl- this is probably due to the amount of product that had collected on them and the nature of the product (Double Wear, FYI), but this didn't bother me at all as it just meant that the result was even better.

I haven't pre-washed any of the brushes I have taken pictures of, nor have I given them any extra drying time, I've simply followed the steps mentioned above. There are a couple that I would probably have liked to keep spinning in the bowl for a little bit longer, but the beauty of the StylPro is that even if you've dried them and feel they need an extra cleanse, you can just pop them back in and they will be washed and dried again in seconds! 

At £49.99, the StylPro probably isn't that cost effective if you only own one or two brushes, but if like me you have lots, well, this product may just change you life a little bit. I've only had it a month and probably would have only washed my brushes maybe once in that time normally, but I'd say most have been washed 3 or maybe 4 times since I got it- I now no longer dread washing my brushes!

Have you tried the StylPro makeup brush cleaner & dryer?

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  1. I'm not over how incredible this sounds...I DREAD cleaning my make up brushes so definitely think I need to invest!! v grateful for you bringing this to my attention! haha fab post x

    Julia | www.stylewithblondeambition.co.uk

    1. Hi Julia,

      Thanks for your comment. I feel like I haven't been able to express enough just HOW AMAZING this really is. I've always hated the washing and drying ritual and this now makes it so quick and simple. Let me know how you get on if you buy it :)

      Beth xx

  2. This looks amazing, I'm going to have to find out if this is available in the US!


  3. I don't actually mind washing my brushes - I find it quite therapeutic haha - but I do hate waiting for them to dry... this sounds amazing, and it's good to know they're cleaned thoroughly too :) xo


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