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Friday, 9 December 2016

Skinny Tan | Tan & Tone Oil Review

Unfortunately I wasn't blessed with olive skin. Or even slightly olive skin. My Irish roots mean I am paper white pale, and getting a real tan is practically impossible. It used to bother me, however the older I've got & the more I've learnt about skin safety (not to mention the anti aging affect the sun has on the skin) I definitely prefer to fake it. 

Australian brand Skinny Tan* is a one I've heard a LOT about, and the name drew me in immediately. So the first question I'm sure you'll be asking is 'will these products make me skinny and give me a tan?' Well apparently, yes! OK, well perhaps not skinny, but the brand's formulation combines self tanner and naturally derived skin smoothing ingredients to reduce the appearance of cellulite and contour the skin at the same time as giving you a sun kissed glow! 

I got my hands on one of the newest products that the brand offers- Skinny tan & tone oil, which retails for £29.99, and at the moment when you buy one bottle you get a second free AND you also get a free tanning mit! In my eyes that's definitely an excuse to give one bottle as a Christmas present and keep the other for yourself...

Tan & tone oil really is fuss free and easy to use. Unlike other fake tans which require lots of skin preparation and meticulous application, this product literally needs to be spritzed over the body after a shower, rubbed in with a mit or glove, and left to dry. The paraben and cruelty free formula contains an instant tan to give you an immediate glow which then develops into a medium tan which lasts for weeks. 

I must admit that I was slightly dubious when I first used it, because of the claims that it's 'almost impossible to streak,' however after a few weeks of use I am pleased to say that my tan has been even, streak free and hasn't gone patchy at all. One of the main things I love about this product is the instant hint of colour you get, which acts as a bit of a guide, and how easy it is to use. I often have to really gear myself up to do fake tan- I find it such a chore as it takes so long, but this product has completely changed that for me. The Skinny Tan mit is also lovely as it has an almost velvet texture to it which is so soft on the skin, plus it really blends the product in with ease. 

Each bottle is 100ml in size, and contains enough product to do 4-6 full body applications, but will last slightly longer if, like me, you only tan the parts of your body that will be exposed (I know I'm not the only one that does this!) Plus as mentioned earlier, at the moment you get 2 bottles for the price of one, AND a free tanning mit, so each bottle works out at around £15. 

Have you tried any of Skinny Tan's products? 

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*This post contains gifted products, but all views are my own.

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