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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Teeth Whitening | BlanX & BlanX White Shock Toothpaste Review

White teeth are something we all aspire to have. I personally always notice people's teeth when I first meet them, and because of that I've always been very over critical of my own. I had braces when I was younger to fix my wonky smile, and despite years of orthodontic work (I ended up having them twice in the end) I've never been completely happy and have always felt that they could be whiter. I've tried various whitening toothpastes and treatments over the years, but haven't ever really found one that gives me the long lasting results I desire, so am forever trying out different brands and products, in the hope of achieving my desired white smile. 

Today I am talking about BlanX*, who offer some of the most popular, and affordable whitening toothpastes on the market. Their range starts at just £5.00, and they also offer products under their BlanX White Shock sub brand including LED light products and an innovative whitening formula. I've reviewed 2 of their best selling toothpastes- one is from the BlanX main range, and the other from the Blanx White Shock range. 

From BlanX's original range, this intensive whitening treatment is designed to be used twice a day for 2 weeks at a time, but just 4 times a year due to the intense concentration of ingredients. It may sound scary, but it is actually really gentle, and cleanses deeply whilst being non abrasive. The whitening formula helps to remove stains from the teeth and restore natural whiteness, and included in the box is a tooth colour guide, so you can see your progress. I'm pleased to say that after just 2 weeks of using this product, my teeth improved by 1.5 shades, and I am currently on my second 2 week period so I am expecting them to get even whiter. In between uses, it's recommended that you use one of BlanX's normal toothpastes, like this classic white one, or the product below, to help maintain the whiteness and avoid any further stains to the teeth. At £12.00, this is really great value- it can only be used for 8 weeks in a year so I imagine the 30ml tube will last for ages. 

From the brand's White Shock range, the next product I've been using is a whitening toothpaste that comes with a separate LED accelerator which can be screwed onto the end of the tube in replacement of the lid. Once in place, the blue LED light us activated when its lid is removed, and shines directly onthe toothpaste which multiplies the whitening action of its active ingredient, Actilux. All BlanX shock white products contain this, and it's a new innovation in teeth whitening. It's micro crystals bind to the enamel of the teeth and form a barrier which helps to prevent damage and yellowing to the teeth. As well as the LED, it's also activated by natural light, so basically the more you smile, the whiter your teeth get! Unlike a lot of other whitening toothpastes on the market, this contains no peroxide so is really gentle on the teeth- after suffering years of sensitivity caused by peroxide based products, this is key for me. I also have a 75ml tube of the toothpaste to hand, for when this tube runs out! The 50ml tube with LED lid retails for £7.50, and the 75ml tube of toothpaste for £5.00.

I've absolutely loved using both products, and am so pleased with how healthy and white my smile looks in just a few weeks. I'm determined to continue using both products in conjunction with one another, but I'm also aware that white, healthy teeth are not solely down to the products you use. Below are my 3 top tips for keeping your smile as white and healthy, as possible. 

1) Brush for at least 2 minutes, twice a day. I use an electric tooth brush which has a timer on so I have no excuse to brush for 2 minutes, but if you're using a manual brush, make sure you set an alarm/ have a clock handy. I also keep a travel toothbrush and paste in my handbag and will often have a little post lunch brush- this not only freshens my mouth but also stops me giving into those sweet cravings! 

2) Avoid acidic foods. I went through a phase of drinking hot water and lemon every morning as I'd heard it was good for you, however I noticed that my teeth were looking dull & feeling sensitive due to the acidity in the lemon, so I cut back. This also relates to all other citrus fruits- too much of them will have an impact on the health and look of your teeth so have them in moderation.

3) Limit caffeine (apart from on Mondays, obvs!) I switched to decaf tea and coffee about a year ago for various reasons, and even though decaf products still include a tiny bit of caffeine, I've noticed a marked improvement in the overall look of my teeth since I've done so- I definitely have less stains on them than I used to when I was a caffeine addict!

Have you used BlanX products before? 

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* This post contains gifted products, but all views are my own. 

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