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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Skincare | Mirai Face Brush & Cleanser Review

For the past month I've had a new skincare gadget in my life- the mirai face cleansing brush from The True Companyand it's fast becoming a firm favourite of mine. If you are a regular visitor to My So Kohl'd Life, you'll know how much I love trying new skincare, particularly if it claims to be anti aging and prevent wrinkles, as this does, so I was really excited to try it and see if it would make me look 19 again!

This hot pink gadget is covered in soft silicone bristles and gently vibrates to massage and stimulate the skin, which helps to tone, tighten and deeply cleanse. Some of the other benefits this nifty tool offers is that it unclogs pores, removes makeup, and gently exfoliates, and when used alongside the cleanser I actually feel like I've had a facial as it leaves my skin looking bright and glowing. The cleanser it's self has a minty scent which leaves the skin tingling and feeling so fresh, and I love the fact that it's nonabrasive so is really kind to the skin. I've incorporated it into my usual cleansing routine and have been using it once a week for a real 'deep clean.' I have to say that my skin always feels amazing afterwards, and it's a favourite of mine of those (very rare) no makeup days as it really does perk my skin up and bring the life back to it. All of this and it's the perfect size to fit in the palm of your hand!

This product is a dupe for the Luna mini cleanser that I spotted last time I was in Sephora- the shop assistant completely sold it to me but the $139 price tag was far too expensive so I reluctantly left without it. The Mirai face cleansing brush retails for $248 (approx. £193), however by using my unique code, you can get it for a 60% discount which makes it cheaper than the Luna mini. Click here and enter the code 'BETH' at the checkout to benefit from this saving.  

The mirai face cleansing brush is rechargeable-simply plug into any USB port using the removable wire, and it also comes with a 5 year warranty.  

Have you tried the Mirai face cleansing brush or any other similar tools as part of your cleansing routine? 

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