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Monday, 12 September 2016

Makeup | August Favourites

Is anyone else having one of those 'where has the year gone' moments? I can't quite believe that it's September, and summer is just a distant memory. I must admit, however, that Autumn is one of my favourite seasons- I love cosy knits, leaves falling off the trees and winter clothes (you can't beat buying new coats and boots, right?) Plus it's an excuse to relax the diet and indulge in some real comfort food! With that in mind, today's products are all things that I've not only been using non stop throughout August, but I'm certain will be the perfect pamper products and makeup bag essentials for the next few months, as the weather gets colder.

DIOR Addict Eau De Toilette
I treated myself to this whilst in duty free last month, and have been using it every day ever since. I usually buy Dior Addict Eau De Parfum, however as it's so strong and heavy, I wear it solely at nighttime, and I wanted a new daytime scent. Plus, it's rude not to buy a new fragrance when you're in duty free, right?? It's classic bottle is dressing table perfection, and it's citrus tones mixed with vanilla make it distinctive and instantly recognisable, plus it's the perfect mix of floral and dusky for a transitional scent. Dior fragrances are quite expensive which is why I always buy them at duty free free- 50ml retails for around £57. 

This gorgeous 8 shade eyeshadow palette had to be in this month's favourites- it comes in a mirrored compact, with a double ended brush, an eye primer and highlighting creams, and retails for just £7.99. I love a product that is handbag friendly, and this one is certainly that. The eyeshadows themselves are so highly pigmented and easy to blend, and within the palette you have a mix of nude and brown matte and shimmery shades which you can create a number of looks with. I've been wearing a mix of these colours almost everyday since I got the palette- they are perfect for daytime as the majority of the colours are soft and neutral, however there is a metallic brown shade which creates a gorgeous sexy smoky eye when blended into the crease of the eye socket. If nudes aren't your thing, the palette also comes in 'The Big Smoke' which offers smokey greys, blues and deeper browns for a bolder look.

SEVENTEEN Semi Permanent 'Tattoo Me' Eyeliner
I'm loving SEVENTEEN at the moment, and the second of their products to make it into this month's favourites is this amazing liquid eyeliner. If you love an eyeliner flick, you HAVE to try this product. I am forever suffering with watery eyes which I find get worse as the weather gets colder, and as a result my liquid liner often ends up smudged, half way down my face or completely gone. SEVENTEEN'S tattoo eyeliner is fantastic as it is completely budge, smudge and tear proof. The consistency is quite gloopy, and therefore you really need to remove any excess from the brush before applying, and it will quite literally stick to the eyelid, and will not budge once dried. In fact, I've had to invest in an oil based makeup remover to get it off- my usual makeup remover just wont get rid of it. The brush is really thin and allows you to create a thin, precise line with one sweep, and I can confirm that the claims it lasts 48 hours are pretty accurate- this really stood the test of time at a recent festival I went to. At only £4.99, this is in line with all other drugstore eyeliners out there, and I will 100% be re buying it when it runs out. 

I got this Victoria's Secret lip plumper as a present at the end of last month and it has become a makeup bag staple ever since, as well as my 'go to' gloss of choice. I'm usually more of a matte lip kinda girl, however this is quite thick and sticky so it gives a nice level of shine, and isn't too 'high gloss.' Not only does it give your lips a lovely plumped up look thanks to it's minty flavour which makes the lips tingly, but it also adapts to the colour of your lips to give a subtle hint of colour, perfect for an everyday natural look.  

I featured this product in last month's GLOSSYBOX review, however I had to feature it in this post as well as I simply love it so much. Described as 'a natural way to detoxify and renew your skin in minutes,' it's one of those products that you can feel doing good to your skin as you are using it. Simply apply a thin layer to the face, then leave for 7-11 minutes, depending on your skin type. As I've got fairly sensitive skin, I leave it for around 7 minutes, then remove with cold water. It has a slight tingling sensation, which I have to say I found a little unnerving the first time I used it, however I now find it quite refreshing, and as I've said above, you feel like it's doing good to your skin and not just sitting on it, like many other masks do. MUDMASKY use natural ingredients which have been sourced from all over the world, including three of the finest clays in the world. This probably explains it's price tag, as 60ml retails for £60, so I think this will be one for my Christmas list once my 20ml tube has run out.

St Moriz Professional Dark Tanning Mousse
Although I'm happy to be approaching autumn and layering up in chunky knits and scarves, I'm always guilty of neglecting my tan when I do, so this year I'm determined to keep my summer glow! I've been using this affordable, but brilliant fake tan to take away starkness from my naturally pale skin, and I have to say that it is pretty darn amazing. A good tan not only makes me feel better in general, but I always think that clothes look better and I feel slimmer when I am a few shades darker. At only £4.99, this product is one of the cheapest on the market, however I think it is as good as if not better than many others, including some of the higher end brands I've used. For best results, I pump a small amount onto a tanning mitt, then apply in circular motions. The colour is natural without being too orange, and lasts for days. Overall this is a product that I am really impressed with, and at such a competitive price, it had to get a mention in this month's favourites!

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  1. I adore the look of that Seventeen palette! I love a neutral eyeshadow so that has like all my go-to shades in it! I love how affordable Seventeen makeup is as well and the shadows are so pigmented in their mono single eyeshadows so can imagine that this is just as good! xx


    1. Hi Caroline, thanks for you comment!! Yes- I definitely has all of the shades you could possibly need in it! Let me know how you get on if you try it x


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