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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Fragrance | Sarah Jessica Parker 'Lovely' Eau De Parfum Review

I recently vowed to not add any more fragrances to my collection unless it was my Birthday, Christmas, or I'd been to duty free (you're allowed to treat yourself if you're going on holiday, right?) but fast forward a few weeks and I'm ashamed to say my vow has officially been broken. Having heard great things about 'Lovely' by Sarah Jessica Parker, I had a spritz of it whilst I was in my local Boots store, and fell in love with it's sweet, dusky hues, so couldn't resist handing my card over to the cashier, and leaving the store with my brand new fragrance. The 50ml bottle retails for £35, however it was on special offer and I paid £19.99- another reason why I couldn't resist. Even though this deal has ended, Groupon is currently offering the same size bottle for just £12.98 which is such amazing value, especially for an Eau de Parfum. ETP's have a higher concentration of fragrance oils than Eau de Toilette sprays, which means that they last longer, and are therefore slightly more expensive.

I'm not usually a fan of a celebrity fragrance, mainly because I've never really found one that I liked that much, and I always (probably wrongly) associate them with not being a true fragrance and a bit of a gimmick, however Lovely has completely changed my opinion. Like Miss Parker herself, the scent is classy and memorable, and the bottle simple, classic and understated which matches it perfectly. I love the simplistic detailing- the engraved initials on the top of the spray, the chic gold font and the grey, textured fabric around the neck of the bottle. It looks expensive, and certainly wouldn't look out of place next to higher end fragrances.

 After the first spray I knew I recognized the smell, and after doing some research I discovered it is a dupe for Narciso Rodriguez 'for Her', after SJP apparently fashioned her perfume on this scent. It was also inspired by her love of layering, and has top notes of apple martini and lavender, middle notes of patchouli and base notes of cedarwood and white amber. Described as feminine, refined and sensual, Lovely is the perfect mix of all three, and I love that it isn't too sickly sweet or girly- it has a sophisticated musky edge which is very distinctive.

Lovely has become my staple everyday fragrance, and I'm already wishing I'd bought the bigger bottle as it's going down rapidly! Saying that, it's a great size for my handbag, as isn't too large or bulky, plus it's a lovely, pretty addition to my dressing table. 

Available in most fragrance outlets, the best deals I've found for a 50ml bottle are from Groupon, All Beauty and The Beauty Store.

Have you tried Lovely or any of SJP's other fragrances?

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  1. I absolutely love this fragrance and is actually my mom's staple perfume ever since I bought it for her birthday yeaaaars ago!


    1. Hi Jasmine, thanks for taking the time to have a read and leave a comment. I can't believe I've only recently come across this perfume- I've been missing out for years!! x


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