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Friday, 30 September 2016

Spectrum Collections | 10 piece 'essential makeup brush set' review

Makeup brush brand of the moment (and my personal favourite), Spectrum Collections kindly send me their 10 piece essential set a couple of weeks ago, so today's post is dedicated to them and their amazingly pretty brushes. 

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Fragrance | Sarah Jessica Parker 'Lovely' Eau De Parfum Review

I recently vowed to not add any more fragrances to my collection unless it was my Birthday, Christmas, or I'd been to duty free (you're allowed to treat yourself if you're going on holiday, right?) but fast forward a few weeks and I'm ashamed to say my vow has officially been broken. Having heard great things about 'Lovely' by Sarah Jessica Parker, I had a spritz of it whilst I was in my local Boots store, and fell in love with it's sweet, dusky hues, so couldn't resist handing my card over to the cashier, and leaving the store with my brand new fragrance. The 50ml bottle retails for £35, however it was on special offer and I paid £19.99- another reason why I couldn't resist. Even though this deal has ended, Groupon is currently offering the same size bottle for just £12.98 which is such amazing value, especially for an Eau de Parfum. ETP's have a higher concentration of fragrance oils than Eau de Toilette sprays, which means that they last longer, and are therefore slightly more expensive.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Tracie Giles Signature Hair by Hair Brows | Bespoke Permanent Makeup Review

My eyebrows have officially been the bane of my life for so many years now. Growing up in the early 2000's, the trend was super skinny, 'barely- there' brows, so of course I followed the crowd and plucked mine to within an inch of their lives, until I was left with the thinnest arch of hair possible. Over the years I've tried my hardest to put the tweezers down in an attempt to grow them out, however even with all the eyebrow serums I've used which claim to stimulate the hair growth, they are still not the full, 'on fleek' brows I so badly want. Back when I was a teenager no one used any makeup on their eyebrows- at most you would put a little bit of vaseline on them to keep them in place- and owning an eyebrow pencil was unheard of. Crazy to think that now, the majority of my makeup bag is full of brow products. I have a huge collection of brow powders, pomades, gels, and everything in between, in an attempt to plump out my brows, however I find it a daily struggle (first world problems, I know) and as a result have been considering getting them tattooed for a few years now.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Beauty | My So Kohl'd Life is August's GlossyBox Glambassdor Winner

Last month I posted a review of August's GLOSSYBOX (if you missed it you can read it here) and a couple of weeks later I got a lovely email from the GLOSSYBOX ladies saying I had been chosen as that month's Glambassador winner! August marked the beauty subscription boxes fifth anniversary, so I was extremely honoured to be chosen as their winner.

GLOSSYBOX is the original beauty box, and over the past 5 years has treated it's subscribers to a monthly delivery of amazing makeup, beauty and haircare samples, straight to their doorstep. With products from well known brands to newer ones, and some even being full sized, each box is brilliant value at just £10 per month, plus postage costs. 


Friday, 16 September 2016

Skincare | Konjac Sponge Review

First things first, I'm sure you're asking 'what is a Konjac sponge?' I definitely was when I first heard about this product, however after doing some research, I learnt that these face and body sponges are made from blended vegetable fibres and french clay, and are PH neutral for perfectly balanced skin. They are also a staple feature in Korean beauty regimes, where the sponges originate from, so I was eager to try one and give my thoughts. 


Monday, 12 September 2016

Makeup | August Favourites

Is anyone else having one of those 'where has the year gone' moments? I can't quite believe that it's September, and summer is just a distant memory. I must admit, however, that Autumn is one of my favourite seasons- I love cosy knits, leaves falling off the trees and winter clothes (you can't beat buying new coats and boots, right?) Plus it's an excuse to relax the diet and indulge in some real comfort food! With that in mind, today's products are all things that I've not only been using non stop throughout August, but I'm certain will be the perfect pamper products and makeup bag essentials for the next few months, as the weather gets colder.


Monday, 5 September 2016

Skincare | Skin Chemists Advanced Snail Daily Moisturiser & Serum Review

Another day, another skincare post! I've said it before- now I'm in my thirties, skincare is so much more important in my everyday routine, and sometimes even more important to me than makeup. I've always tried my hardest to look after my skin, however the years have definitely taken their toll and it can often look dull, tired, and I can certainly see a difference between what it looked like in my early twenties to now (thanks timehop for reminding me how youthful I used to look!) Plus I always think that no amount of makeup can mimic the look of gorgeous skin glowing through your foundation, and you need a good base to achieve this. I'm certainly trying my hardest to reverse the damage that has been done to my skin from the sun, leaving my makeup on overnight and a bad diet, and alongside lifestyle changes, I need to use amazing products that will look after my skin, whilst giving amazing results. 

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