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Friday, 8 July 2016

Makeup | Crownbrush Makeup

I previously posted about my love for Crownbrush makeup brushes (read the full post here) and so I was very much looking forward to trying a couple of key pieces from their makeup range to see if they lived up to my high expectations. Being one for products that wont take up too much room in my makeup bag, I bought 2 of their chubby eye pencils, 'Frappe' and 'Copper Gold' and 'Mojave Rock' lipliner, and have been using all of them for the past few weeks non stop.

When it comes to makeup, I love products that can be applied quickly and are fuss free, and these chubby eye pencils do just that. They glide onto the lid with ease, and although I use a blending brush to get my desired look, you can just use your finger to blend, if needed. I went for 'Frappe' which is a gorgeous taupe with a metallic glint running through it, and 'Copper Gold' which is a yellow gold. Both can be worn alone and as liners, however I like to apply 'Copper Gold' all over the moveable part of the eyelid, then smudge 'Frappe' into the crease of my eyelid for a smoky bronze look. At only £3.99, these are so affordable, and are also available in some bolder colours, like 'Beanstalk' which is metallic peacock green, or 'Curacao,' a vivid blue. The only downside? You can't use any old sharpener with these as they can only be sharpened with Crownbrush's professional one, but at only £2.49, it wont break the bank.

Lip Liner- Mojave Rock
I can't get enough of lip liners at the moment, and knew that this deep dusky pink one would go with a lot of my lipsticks. Naturally, my lips are quite dark, so I find 'Mojave Rock' liner is a great 'my lips but better' colour as it just enhances and defines my natural lip line and is a great base for any lipstick when applied all over the lip. It has quite a soft and creamy texture which is lovely as I find many liners can be quite hard and difficult to blend. At only £2.99, this is a total bargain, and the range also offers 5 other colours including 'Milk Chocolate' which is a true brown and 'Smoked Salmon' which is a muted candy pink. For best results, I trace my natural lip line with this pencil, ensuring that I don't go outside the line, then fill the lips in with my lipstick of choice. Mojave Rock is a total dupe of 'Soar' lipliner by Mac and therefore looks fab with their 'Kylie Jenner' lipstick, AKA 'Velvet Teddy.'

L-R Copper Gold Chubby Pencil, Frappe Chubby Pencil, Mojave Rock Lip Liner.

If you haven't tried Crownbrush makeup, make sure you head over to their website and have a look. They have some great products such as contour palettes, highlighters and an amazing range of eyeshadow palettes, all of which are so affordable. 

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  1. I have tried Crown Brushes Satin Foundation and I absolutely love it so so much !!! It is so beautiful! I have not tried anything you featured ... But they look stunning and I need to look I not getting them! Love the eye pencils .. They look so versatile and easy to use !

    1. Hi Saira, thanks so much for your comment. Ooh I haven't tried any of their foundations, I will have to give them a go. The eye pencils really are so quick and easy to use. I would recommend! Beth x


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