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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Makeup | Crownbrush Haul

I've been a fan of Crownbrush since I did my makeup training 9 years ago, and have had some of their brushes in my kit, and my personal makeup bag, ever since. The range they offer is extensive, and having been manufacturing brushes and makeup accessories for over 30 years, they certainly know their stuff. I attended their warehouse sale last week and picked up some bargains which I am going to share with you today. If you haven't been to one of their sales before then you must, as nearly all products have a 20% discount applied, so I didn't hesitate filling my basket!

L-R: Jumbo fan brush, dual fibre foundation brush, oval fluff brush, thin eyeliner brush, angled brow brush.

Jumbo Fan Brush
This fan brush is perfect if you want a 'soft focus' finish. Designed to be used with powders, simply sweep the brush generously over the product you are using (I mainly use this for my setting powder), dust off any excess and apply to the face with soft, sweeping motions. I have also been using this brush with my powder highlighter- I use the edge of the brush to pick up a light covering of product, then dust down my nose, and on my cheekbones, under my brows and on my cupids bow to add an illuminated finish to my makeup.

Dual Fibre Foundation Brush
With it's mix of natural and synthetic bristles, this foundation brush creates a flawless and 'airbrushed' finish when using liquid foundation, such as my favourite, Estee Lauder's Double Wear. I put a 10 pence sized amount of foundation on the back of my hand, then dip the bristles into it, and apply to the face in circular motions. I finish with a damp beauty blender, to ensure there are no streaks or lines. This is also a great brush for blending out contouring- work it in circular motions for best results. 

Oval Concealer Brush
With it's rounded tip and synthetic bristles, this brush is just the right size and shape for applying concealer to the under eye area and also to those tricky areas like around the nose. I also like to use this to clean up my brows and make them more precise- simply work some concealer into the bristles and trace around the brow with light motions. 

Oval Fluff Brush
I swear by blending brushes such as this one, as they are key for creating the perfect smoky eye. After applying my chosen eyeshadow to the lid and crease of my eye, I start in the outer corner and blend inwards using circular motions. I often find that smoky eyes can get a little bit messy, so once I have finished I clean up around the eye using a concealer brush like the one above. I trace it around the eyelid if I want to remove any shadow, then apply a little loose powder to set it, and give it one final blend to get rid of any harsh lines. 

Thin Eyeliner Brush
At under £2, this simple eyeliner brush is perfect for applying gel liner, such as this one, which is also from Crownbrush. The bristles are fairly long and thin, but this brush also comes with a slightly shorter bristle length if you find it easier to control. I dip the brush into the product, run it across the back of my hand to remove any excess then apply to the top of the lash line, working from the inside outwards. 

Angled Brow Brush
This brow brush is perfect for using with both powder and cream eyebrow products, and allows you to apply the product with precision. I sweep the angled part of the brush through my brow product (I am currently using WunderBrow and you can read my review here), dust off any excess, then sweep through the brows in the direction of the hair growth. For the tail of the brow, I use the pointed part of the brush, as this allows the product to be applied as neatly as possible.

Have you tried any of these brushes, or other products Crownbrush? You can leave a comment below, and don't forget to follow My So Kohl'd Life on TwitterInstagram and Bloglovin' for the latest updates.


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