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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Love Me Beauty | January Review

Last month I signed up to Love Me Beauty- a beauty subscription box with a difference. Working with a credit system, you can chose which products you want to receive each month, plus top up your credits at any time. With a minimum of 60 credits per month to use, you will receive at least £40 worth of FULL SIZED products all for £10 (excl P&P) per month. Amazing, huh? You can read what I chose in my first ever Love Me Beauty box here, and read on to see what arrived on my doorstep this month....

I know I'm not alone when I say that I could be feeling so happy and confident with my hair, makeup, outfit and general appearance one day (although I will stress that it doesn't happen often) but if my nails are looking terrible, I won't feel good about myself. There's something about having perfectly manicured talons that just make us girls feel like we have our lives in order. I haven't really used traditional nail polish in a couple of years as I find it chips almost immediately, and instead prefer using OPI Gel Polish which I do myself (I trained so have the lamp and the whole shebang) which tends to last around 2 weeks. I spotted a couple of Nails Inc gel effect nail polishes in the online Boutique, and as I have been lusting over grey nails for a while, I went for Hyde Park Place. I found the initial application quite difficult as the polish is quite thick, but once it dried it seemed to be much more durable than a normal polish. Annoyingly, I smudged my thumb before it had dried (why does this ALWAYS happen?!) but I was pleased with the final result. It has been on for 4 days now, and although my ring finger has chipped slightly, the rest are pretty much intact which is a miracle for me. One of the things I love about having gel nails is the high shine finish which this is lacking, so for optimum results I would suggest using a top coat. This retails for around £15, so I have definitely got my money's worth with this alone. 

A finalist of the beauty shortlist awards 2014, I couldn't wait to try this much hyped mascara. Egyptian inspired, and containing Moringa Oil that was apparently found in Tutankhamun's tomb (!) this blacker than black mascara is perfect for sensitive eyes like mine as it is paraben free. At £16.50 it is at the mid price point for a mascara, but I loved it so much that I would definitely buy it again. It has a rubber brush which I find gives more definition to the lashes and allows you to have more control, and after one coat my lashes were perfectly fluttery! The other great thing about this mascara is that you can build up the product without the dreaded 'clumpy' look.

I love putting essential oils in my bath, or using oil diffusers to create a calming influence in my bedroom, so I was intrigued to try this aura spray. Basically, whenever you feel tired, stressed, jetlagged, or need a general pick me up, spritz this over the face to help restore energy levels and de stress. Sounds like a miracle in a bottle, right? I tried it out this week, as although my life hasn't been particularly stressful or taxing (surely this is a miracle for January?) I have been feeling a bit run down and tired. Although I am not sure whether it is psychological, I instantly felt revived and refreshed. I really don't need any more products to add to my Mary Poppins handbag, but I will definitely be carrying this around and spritzing away whenever I feel my stress levels getting high. The 100ml bottle retails for £26.50, so Imagine that this 30ml bottle would be around £8.

The verdict? So my £12.95 has got me just under £40 worth of goodies, all of which I got to choose myself. Even if you are all beauty'd out, it's worth having a browse to see what products are on offer, as they have just added some gorgeous jewellery to the online shop as well. Have you subscribed to Love Me Beauty?

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Love Beth xxx


  1. This seems like such a great deal and I'be never heard of them before. Will definitely check them out as it's super affordable.

    Also will be following on bloglovin so we can stay in touch :)

    Claudia | www.maximalista.co.uk

    1. Hi Claudia, yes check it out, it's such good value for money! Thanks so much, I'll follow you back on Bloglovin :) x


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