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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Mac Product You Didn't Know You Needed...Until Now...

If you know me and my blog well you will know I am a sucker for a multi-use product. Basically I like getting my money’s worth, so love a product that can be used for more than one thing, especially when it comes to more premium brands. Step forward Mac pigment. These little pots of highly concentrated colour are so versatile- they can be used on their own as an eyeshadow and the neutral colours in the range can be used to add a slight shimmer or highlight to the face and body, and can also be mixed in with foundation and body lotion for a more dramatic strobing look. 

At £16 a pot (please don’t judge the fact that I have 5 of them), these are amazing value for money. I’ve had a couple of them since I did my makeup training 9 years ago and I they are still going strong. You need the smallest amount at a time and a little goes a long way so they look like they have barely been used! Infact, I have had most of mine for so long that Mac have now changed the pot slightly, but unlike cream based makeup products, powders do not go off so they will literally last you for years. The best (and least messy) way to use them is to take the product from the lid instead of the actual pot- as the name suggests these are highly pigmented so always start with a little product on your brush, then add to it, if needed.

The range offers over 50 colours, with everything from primary yellow and fuchsia, through to black, but my collection comprises of the more neutral colours. With strobing everywhere at the moment, I can use these colours on their own or mix them together, and I have at least 6 different variations, depending on whether I want to look to be cooler, more neutral, or have a pink hue.

L-R Naked, Pink Opal, Vanilla, Reflective Pearl, Silver

This is perfect for mixing in with foundation or body lotion as the colour is similar to a nude skin tone. It has gold highlights which look amazing on the brow and cheekbones on the face and the collar bones on the body.

A blue toned pink, this looks lovely on top of blusher if you want to add a touch of shimmer, or alternatively is a great eyeshadow base.

As the name suggests, this is a cool toned vanilla shade. It looks amazing when mixed in with foundation, especially with a tan. Again, it can be used on its own to highlight the contours of the face or body and is a great neural tone for an eyeshadow base, or to add an ‘wide eyed’ look to any eyeshadow- simply dot a small bit on the inside of the eye, close to the nose. This really opens the eye out.

This is actually a glitter pot, but I thought it looked so nice sat next to the others that I had to include it! This is gorgeous on eyes, especially as we are coming up to the festive season. Use on it’s own, or over a darker shadow for a really impactful look. The only downside to this one is it is so difficult to remove due to the teeny tiny glitter particles- you have been warned!

Now obviously I wouldn’t suggest using this to highlight the face and body, unless it's for fancy dress purposes of course! This is a perfect silver shade, and unlike a lot of silver eyeshadows out there, it comes out exactly as it looks in the pot. The best way to apply this would be to dab it on and then blend around the edges to avoid any severe lines. 
Naked, Pink Opal & Vanilla

Have you tried Mac Pigment pots? 

Love, Beth xxx  


  1. I don't own any of these pots but I'll have to check them out. And the colours are so pretty, love them. Great post <3

    Valentina from FASHION with VALENTINA.

    1. Thanks for your comments Valentina! Let me know if you try them xx

  2. These look gorgeous!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com


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