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Thursday, 15 October 2015


Over the past year I've gone from brunette, to blonde, to bronde and back again, and looking for my next perfect style, I thought I would put together a little autumn/ winter hair inspo post. I must admit that I've never been the most adventurous person when it comes to my hair- in the past when I've found a style that suited me I tended to stick to it, however as I get older I am getting slightly more experimental. Here are the hair colours and styles I am currently lusting over...


Ombre hair first catapulted into our lives back in 2007, however in the past couple of years it has gained popularity and become more bold. Gone are the days when you would get highlights all the way to your roots, instead the 'grown out' look is in, and everyone who is anyone is doing it! Although the blonde and brown combo has been everywhere this summer, it looks as though it is here to stay for autumn. I adore these soft caramel hues and lose waves which look gorgeous on both long and short hair.


I have a real soft spot for an up do- I always struggle slightly to achieve the desired look (I am not the best person when it comes to hair styling) but once it's done I love that it stays put all day and you don't have to worry about it. These high ponytails are so simple to do (says her who can't do hair) and the volume at the front means that they are more flattering on the face than a 'scraped back' do. Simply spritz your roots with a volumising dry shampoo and back comb slightly, then gather the hair at the desired point on the back of your head, leaving a triangle shaped section at the front of the hair. Once secured with a band, back comb the lose section some more and then secure with kirby grips. Spray with hair spray to finish. If you have a fringe, or shorter sections at the front of your hair, you can leave these lose to frame the face. 


'Bangs' or 'fringes' if you are from the UK, are back in a big way this autumn. The heavy 'cover-your-eyebrows' look is gone, and in it's place is a softer, more separated look which frames the face and can be worn straight, or slightly flicked out at the sides if you want to embrace the 70's vibe. This style is less scary than a regular fringe because it can easily be swept to the side if you decide you don't like it, you don't have to push it back with an alice band and run the risk of looking 12!


Being someone who is approaching a milestone birthday, I will admit that I have started to get the odd wirey grey hair spring up now and then. As women, our natural reaction is to pluck it out, or dye over it, however it seems that it is now more acceptable than ever to embrace the grey! We first saw silver hued ladies popping up last year, when lilac and ice blue tones were also gaining popularity. This is a real statement look, and one that I love so much, but I very much doubt I could pull off. I think it looks absolutely stunning, especially on ladies who have fair skin and pale eyes, and I admire anyone who is bold enough to take the plunge! 

I'd love to hear what hair trends you are loving for A/W, and whether you have taken the plunge and gone for a new do (especially if any of you have been brave enough to try out grey hair!)

Love, Beth xxx   


  1. fab post beauty!


  2. I've been crushing over ombre hair for a while now and I need to get that done before Christmas. Silver hair is super cool as well x

    1. Hi Henna, thanks for your comment. Yes I'm loving ombre right now, I just got mine done :) I love the silver look but would never be brave enough to do it x


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