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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Rimmel Kate Moss Nude Collection Lipsticks | Review and Swatches

I have always been a huge fan of the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks (they were my go to staples before I discovered Mac), so imagine my excitement when I heard they were launching a collection of 5 nude shades. Nude is traditionally quite a difficult colour to wear, especially if you are fair skinned like me, but Rimmel claim that ‘there is a nude shade for every girl'. With the 90’s fashion officially everywhere at the moment and the nude lip being oh so on trend, have Rimmel gone and done the impossible by offering a lipstick for every one of us?

When I headed to my local Boots store I expected to find 5 versions of a beige/ brown lipstick, but I was pleasantly surprised by the variation on offer within these 5 shades. The lightest (and, speaking on behalf of all pale girls out there, most scary) shade is #40 which is a yellowy nude, but the range also offers an dusky peach (#42), an orange based beige (#43) a dusky pink with blue undertones (#45) and a deep plummy brown (#48.) Now I’m not sure I would describe all of these as ‘nude’ however I'm not complaining, they all look gorgeous.
I opted for shades 45 and 48, partly because the chart on the counter said they would suit my skin tone, and partly because they were the least ‘nude’ on offer (can you tell I have an issue here?) The lipsticks offer Rimmel's 'lasting finish' winner formula, which promises 8 hours of long lasting nude colour as well as keep your lips moisturised and totally kissable! I usually prefer a matte lip, however they do tent to dry the lips out slightly, so they're not great for everyday.
First up, I tried shade 45 which l instantly liked when I tried it on the back of my hand. I don't have a lipliner to match this shade, so I used a small lip brush and applied the colour to the outline of my lips, in place of a liner. Although this wont stop the lipstick from bleeding like a lipliner does, it does allow you to get apply the colour more neatly. On my lips this colour looks like a lovely vintage, dusky pink, and it is so wearable. Because it is a light colour and has a gloss to it, unfortunately it does not have much longevity- once I'd had a drink the colour was almost gone. Overall though, it is a great colour for everyday as it is quite neutral, and it would also look great with strong eyemakeup as it is not too overpowering.
Next up, shade 48, which is a deep plummy brown colour. Again, it offers great moisturisation, which is particularly important with dark colours as they show up dryness more than light colours. As it is darker, it survived the drink test better than shade 45- I always find dark colours stain the lips. I really love this colour, it is definitely one for the evening as it is quite bold and intense, and as much as it suits my pale complexion, I can imagine this would look incredible on dark skin tones as well.
The verdict? Rimmel haven't disappointed as I am so impressed with the level of colour and gorgeous shades on offer in this capsule collection. Despite shade 45 wearing off quite easily I will definitely be wearing both shades again. I do think I picked the best 2 shades for me, but would also be interested in try the other 3 colours to see how they compare. Top marks, Rimmel!!

What do you think? Have you tried these lipsticks?
Love, Beth xxx  


  1. Oh I am desperate to try this collection! A nude lipstick is a must have in your makeup bag ..


    1. Yes, they are lovely! Check them out. Thank you for your comment xx

  2. I absolutely love the look of these lipsticks they are so super pretty and the whole kate moss rimmel collection is amazingly long lasting too!! And how perfect are your lips...gorgeous! xxxx


    1. I know, i'm loving the nude packaging and such a fan of every Kate Moss lipstick they bring out. Thank you for you comment, I'm not sure about my lips being perfect but that's very kind of you!! x


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