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Tuesday, 28 July 2015


If I could only wear one item of makeup for the rest of my life (or had to pick only one thing to take to a desert island, etc, etc) it would be foundation. I have always been conscious of being pale and freckly, and I feel so much more confident when I have my second layer of skin on. My long standing favourite has to be Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, but it's glass bottle means you can never quite get the last bit out (is that not the most annoying thing ever?) I have tried quite a few Mac foundations (with Face and Body being my fave) but stumbled across Pro Longwear Waterproof last week and I had to give it a try. At £25.50 for 25ml, it is slightly cheaper than Double Wear and you do get less (Double Wear is £30 for 30ml), however the plastic tube means that you can get every last drop out.

A waterproof foundation is a concept that I'm not familiar with, in fact, I don't know any other brands that offer this. For me, one of the most important things a foundation needs to offer (after amazing coverage) is longevity- I like to put it on in the morning and not have to worry about re applying throughout the day. Double Wear has '15 hour staying power' (and I can vouch for this) but Pro Longwear Waterproof promises to stay put for a whopping 24 HOURS!! Add to this it's claims that 'neither rain nor tears can budge this oil- free watertight product that actually repels moisture from the surface of the face' and this sounds like a dream foundation. 

Even though my skin has pink undertones, I went for shade NC30, which is yellow based (NW is pink based) because a prefer less of a rosy complexion. The first thing to note is this is a water based foundation, which sounds bizarre when it claims to be waterproof itself. A lot of foundations (particularly cheaper brands) are silicone based, which means that they tend to go on smoother as they effectively sit on top of the skin. The down side to this is that you often can't 'layer' a silicone based foundation. Water based foundations like this Mac one sink into the skin, meaning you can build up the colour and often end up with more of a natural finish that you can see your pores through, rather than a 'caked on' finish. 

 The downside to a water based foundation like this? They aren't compatible with a primer. You know that lovely velvety smooth feeling you get when you've applied primer? That comes from the silicone in it, which fills in pores and lines. Now imagine having that layer on your skin and what would happen if you put water (or anything water based) on top of it- the silicone would repel it. Basically if you use a silicone base (be it a moisturiser, primer, etc) and then a water based foundation, the foundation will always slide off the face slightly, and will never penetrate the skin like it wants to. Now that was VERY LONG WINDED but I hope it made sense?? 

I started by applying Simple light moisturiser, which is my absolute favourite as it sinks straight into the skin and contains SPF 15, then used my Real Techniques expert face brush to apply the foundation. I like to really buff it into the skin as I find this gives it more of a flawless finish and it is less likely to come off during the day. In terms of blenablily, this foundation is great, and within seconds I had great coverage. I like to pat the foundation once I have finished with the brush, as I find this gets rid of any brush streaks. I also find you can never blend around the nose or chin effectively with a brush, so I use my fingers for this as well. 

Once I was happy with the coverage, I applied Mac Mineralize Concealer, also in shade NC30, around my eyes and on my blemishes, then finished off with Mac Select Sheer Pressed Powder (guess what shade I used...???), which I apply mainly on my T zone and around my eyes, with my Spectrum large powder brush.

I applied this around 7am, so according to Mac it should have lasted until 7am the next morning, and not budged, even if I got caught in the rain. The verdict? I love the medium- full coverage it offers, however it didn't last 24 hours, I would say 12 at the very most. I did have a shower in the evening and kept this on- a few splashes did get me and my foundation stayed put, however I'm not sure whether this would be the case if I submerged my face in water.

Overall, I think it's a great foundation that offers amazing coverage and a flawless finish. I'm not sure if it will take over my love for Double Wear just yet, but it's a close second.

Have you tried Mac Pro Longwear Waterproof Foundation? What did you think?

Love, Beth xxx  


  1. I've been wanting to try this foundation, or even just another MAC one (won't lie, never tried ANYTHING from MAC) and I've seen so many good reviews for it! I might have to give in and try it out soon! I love everything I see from MAC but I've never taken the leap. Lol!

    1. Go for it!! My faves are this and Mac Face & Body which is amazing value for money as you get 120ml for around £30 so it lasts forever!! Let me know how you get on x

  2. Great review Beth, this foundation sounds interesting. I need to give it a try, xx


  3. Great post! I've read and watched so many reviews on this foundation, but I think yours beats them all. I too love double wear, think I may just stick to that :)


    Daisy xo

    1. Ah bless you Daisy, that's so kind of you :) Yep, this one is good but Double Wear definitely beats them all!! Thanks so much for your comment x


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