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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Kylie Jenner Lip- Mac Velvet Teddy & Soar

The 90's are officially back, and brown toned lipsticks are 'oh so hot' right now. Being naturally fair, I tend to keep browns to my eyeshadows and go for a pink or red lip, however feeling brave, I decided to try out this trend. After month's and month's of trying to get my hand's on this 'sold out everywhere' lipstick, I am now the proud owner of Mac Velvet Teddy. I am a big fan of the Mac matte lipstick range (infact, I don't wear any other finishes) and I was looking for a new daytime colour. In addition to this Kylie Jenner is a huge fan, so I had to have it! 

I'd heard that Soar was the best lip liner to go with this, so purchased both on the Mac website. At first glance, the liner looks a lot more red than the lipstick, which is a pinky brown, however they are a very good match.  I started off by lining my lips with Soar. A good tip is to use little strokes and work your way around the lip slowly- there's nothing worse than trying to line the lip in one go as your hand will get shaky and you will probably end up with a less than desirable result! I tend to stick to my natural lip line, however if you like a fuller look or are feeling brave, go slightly outside this.  

 Once I was happy with the liner, I took my Spectrulip brush and generously applied Velvet Teddy, starting at the centre and working my way to the outside of the lip. I used the tapered tip to go over the liner, as I personally like my colour to be blended, however you can leave this if you prefer more of an ombre finish. I do think this is one of those lipsticks that looks slightly different on everyone- my lips are quite red already, so it looks more pink than brown on me, however some of my friends end up with a more brown finish. Crazy, huh? 

The verdict? I love love love it!! It's perfect for a daytime 'natural' look, plus I always struggle with the 'eyes or lips' scenario for the evening as I love a smokey eye. Velvet Teddy just adds a hint of colour and the matte finish makes your lips look flawless- perfect when you've gone for a strong eye! 

Love, Beth xxx



  1. ADORE that shade, looks great. Wonderful look!


  2. Thanks, I love it as well- fab for everyday!!! x

  3. Love the shade but I swear it looks so much darker on me then on Kylie but I'm as white as a sheet so I agree that it looks different on everyone. x


    1. Thanks for your comment Megan. I agree, it looks so different on every person I swear! It's quite pink on me but looks a lot browner on Kylie x


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