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Friday, 19 June 2015

St Tropez 'In Shower' Gradual Tan Review....

Being naturally pale (milk bottle legs spring to mind) I am a sucker for any product that will transform me into a bronzed goddess, without looking orange, overly fake or streaky. There is a fine line between having a healthy glow and looking like a tangerine, and I think you'll all agree that we have all dabbled in the perma-tanned look at one point or another (and this is NOT a good look girls!) 

I usually apply fake tan when I have a big night out or a special occasion coming up, but day to day I am a huge fan of a gradual tan, with Dove holiday skin being my absolute favourite. Then I heard about this...A gradual tan that you can use IN THE SHOWER with no need to moisturise, buff or wait for it to dry. Surely this is too good to be true??

I bought the tan from Boots (selected St Tropez currently has 1/3 off) and it was an absolute bargain at £9.67- this usually retails at £14.99.

After washing, I did as the instructions told me to and turned off the shower, then applied generously in circular motions, then waited 3 minutes. A few observations here. Firstly, the consistency is quite thick (I think I expected more of a shower gel consistency) so it does feel a bit like you are applying moisturiser to wet skin. Because of this, you need to ensure that you really work it into the skin to ensure an even tan (more about this later.) Secondly, 3 minutes doesn't seem like a long time, but when you are naked and cold it seems like a lifetime! I would suggest putting a hair mask on, or cleaning your teeth to pass the time! 
Once the 3 minutes were up I rinsed with warm water then patted myself dry with a towel. The verdict? The whole process did seem like a bit of a faff compare to applying a gradual tanning moisturiser, but compared to the prep and application of a proper fake tan it is much easier. Plus, it does not have that 'fake tan smell' that I'm sure you, like me, are far too familiar with! 

The cons? Although I was left with no streaks, a couple of drops had gone onto my foot and not been rubbed in and I was left with some orange dots where the colour had developed more in these areas. Also, even though it says you do not need to moisturise, I did find my skin quite dry the next day, particularly on my legs. 

I did plan to post some before and after pics, however if i'm being honest, although this took away the stark whiteness of my skin, the colour difference does not show up well in a picture. I think you would have to use this over the course of a few days to get a desirable colour. This would be ideal as a 'tan maintainer,' when you already have a good base colour (whether real or fake) as it is really easy to apply, and takes no time at all. I will need to try it a few more times before deciding whether it will replace my daily gradual tan moistururiser, however I would recommend giving it a go. I don't know if I would pay £14.99 for this, especially as you need to apply quite a bit (I don't imagine it will last too long) however at less than £10 it was affordable.

I'd love to hear what you think. Have you tried this and loved/ hated it? 

Love, Beth xxx  



  1. This looks fab! I don't fake tan at all but recently been looking into it, gotta look after your skin!! This review has been so helpful and I will definitely look into it when it's on sale :) xxxx

    1. Thanks so much Gweni, i'm glad you found it useful! Let me know how you get on :) x


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