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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Tattoos...yay or nay?

I got my first, and only, tattoo aged 14 whilst on holiday in Spain. It is the symbol for Aquarius, my star sign, and is just above my ankle. Although it's fairly small and inoffensive, 15 years on I took the decision to get it removed. I felt that what a 14 year old me wanted on her leg was not what a nearly 30 year old should have which got me thinking- is 18 too young to get inked?? There is a big trend at the moment for sleeves and large designs, but I wonder in 10 years time will these look as dated as the barbed wire around the arm ala Mel C? My advice would be don't get anything done unless you are 100% sure you want it on your body for life. The tattoo removal process is painful, expensive and long and you do not get a result overnight. I am lucky that my tattoo is small so the laser is only on my skin for minutes but I have heard stories from my technician of people sitting in the chair for literally hours as their design is so big.

Despite that, I have seen some lovely delicate tattoos that have got me tempted- they are all small and discreet which I think is key to avoid regret later down the line- what do you think?

Love, Beth xxx  


  1. I'm currently going through the removal process and it bloody hurts. I have 6 tattoos but one of them was a complete disaster, I got a Chinese symbol that didn't mean what I was told it meant at 18, then tried to get it covered up and it was so ugly. It's on the back of my neck too so I feel really conscious of having my hair up! Now, if I want a tattoo, I think about it for at least a year and if it's still on my mind, I get it done. Great post x

    1. I completely agree- the removal process is a million times more painful, expensive and lengthy than getting the actual tattoo! It's horrible when you feel conscious, especially when people say things like 'what does your tattoo mean, it just looks like a squiggle!' You're right, we shouldn't be as spontaneous with these things- wait at least a year. After all, it will be there forever! Glad to hear you're taking the steps to get it removed, I hope you are really happy with the results :)

  2. Nice post! I don't have a tattoo and I'm not planning on getting one any time soon as I'm 17 but I just wanted to say that these delicate, small ones you mentioned are so cute and perfect! If I ever decide to get a tattoo it would probably be something like those little ones :)

  3. Ah i'm glad you liked the post. Yes for sure, if you do decide to get one go with something small that can easily be covered/ hidden if you decide you don't like it!! x

  4. I got my first at 17 and while I love the design, the tattoo work itself is very poor. That being said, I'll probably keep it, but I got one aged 27/28 which I'm dying to remove! x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  5. I have two tattoos, one behind my ear and one under my right boob on my ribs - where by bra sits, so essentially, both are very discreet and you'd have to really be looking for them and for me to be unclothed to see them both. Because I got them in these places, I know that even if i decide I dont like them in X many years, I know people don't see them anyway, so won't need to get them lasered off, luckily.

    A nice way to think about tattoos is that Even if they were a bit bigger or in more visible places, I think our life choices are what make us who we are! So every tattoo tells a story, for me, it tells me of my first and only love - the man I will marry and spend my life with, and one for a book that shaped my childhood and brought about my expansive imagination thats shapes and drives my professional life.

    for you I see that your first tattoo was the result of a fun holiday with your family or friends, a time that you'll always remember regardless of whether the tattoo is there forever or not.

    Tattoos are permanent reminders of events in your life. No one gets a tattoo just coz! There's always a reason that influences the decision to get one, embrace every one you get and treat each one as a footprint in the sand, a story of your life, an album of events!

    I'm eager to get some more done, but i don't think i'm brave enough to get big ones, the small one on my ribs hurt enough!


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