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Thursday, 28 May 2015

May Must Haves

So the end of the month is fast approaching, and with pay day on the horizon I've put together a selection of my must have fashion and beauty buys. This month I'm lusting over some gorgeous accessories, but I also stumbled across an amazing jumpsuit and some festival 'must have' shorts that are on my wishlist. All details are below. Let me know what you think- what are your faves?

2) Watch
3) Purse
5) Shorts
9) Bag
10) Sandals

Love, Beth xxx

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Animal Print Obsession

I'll admit it, I am obsessed with leopard print, zebra print snake print, any kind of animal print in fact! I don't know why or where this obsession started, however I cannot walk into any shop without being drawn to anything and everything animal print (that and stripes.)

I went through a stage a couple of years ago where I had to stop myself from purchasing any more leopard print dresses, shoes and bags as my wardrobe had started to resemble a safari park!! 

My absolute favourite current animal print item is my Reiss 'Elliott' bag. I loved it at first sight, and decided it had to be mine as we have the same name (fate!) I was sold! I always get asked where it is from when I am out and about, and good news ladies- it is in the sale!

Reiss Elliott Bag

Although it is gorgeous, it is slightly pricey (even in the sale- it was definitely a splurge item!) so I've put together a more affordable animal print wishlist featuring some of my fave items from the high street at the moment. What do you think? I need all of them in my life ASAP, especially the sunnies and straw hat which will be perfect for holidays, festivals and sunny days.

1- Printed pumps- £12.99 H&M
2- Straw hat with scarf- £15 M&S
3- Sunglasses- £5.99- New Look
4- Hairdryer- £59.99- Mark Hill
5- Bikini- £34- Topshop
6- Chain strap bag- £20- River Island
7- Snake print makeup bag- £10- Topshop
8- Tangle Teezer- £12.49- Boots

Love, Beth xxx  

Friday, 15 May 2015

Slogan Lovin'

I'm loving slogan accessories at the moment. My fave new purchase is my 'contents:my face' makeup bag from a brand called Waldo Pancake- they do loads of great bags, stationary and greeting cards which all have amazing slogans on and this was an absolute steal at £2.25 (excluding P&P)!!!
I also purchased this cute little notepad from Happy Jackson - perfect for making blog notes in! 
I've put together my top slogan accessories from the high street- what do you think? I love love love the 'Beach please' New Look shopper which will be perfect for my summer holiday!

Beach Please- New Look
I believe in Fairies phone case- ASOS
Arm Candy shopper- River Island
Slogan PJ Tee-Topshop
'Holy Moly it's raining' poncho-ASOS
'Let's kiss and makeup' cosmetics bag- Cheeky

Love, Beth xxx  


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Tattoos...yay or nay?

I got my first, and only, tattoo aged 14 whilst on holiday in Spain. It is the symbol for Aquarius, my star sign, and is just above my ankle. Although it's fairly small and inoffensive, 15 years on I took the decision to get it removed. I felt that what a 14 year old me wanted on her leg was not what a nearly 30 year old should have which got me thinking- is 18 too young to get inked?? There is a big trend at the moment for sleeves and large designs, but I wonder in 10 years time will these look as dated as the barbed wire around the arm ala Mel C? My advice would be don't get anything done unless you are 100% sure you want it on your body for life. The tattoo removal process is painful, expensive and long and you do not get a result overnight. I am lucky that my tattoo is small so the laser is only on my skin for minutes but I have heard stories from my technician of people sitting in the chair for literally hours as their design is so big.

Despite that, I have seen some lovely delicate tattoos that have got me tempted- they are all small and discreet which I think is key to avoid regret later down the line- what do you think?

Love, Beth xxx  
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